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CD: Octavos 26

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1: Emerald Stream - SBMP 1046 [SATB] Seth Houston
Village Harmony, Larry Gordon, conductor

2: Oh, What a Beautiful City - SBMP 1054 [SATB] arr. Stacey V. Gibbs
Sunday Night Singers, Michael McCullough, conductor

3: Sing To Me - SBMP 1003 [SA] Andrea Ramsey
Charlotte Children’s Choir, Sandy Holland, conductor

4: Grace Before Sleep - SBMP 1005 [SATB div.] Susan LaBarr
Missouri State University Concert Chorale, Guy B. Webb, conductor

5: God Done Move Me - SBMP 1011 [SATB] Ben Allaway
Napa High School Concert Choir, Travis Rogers, conductor

6: I Am Your Sunlight - SBMP 1050 [SATB div.] Mikael Carlsson
Haga Motettkör, Ulrike Heider, conductor

7: Crossing the Bar - SBMP 994 [SATB] Michael Mills
Millikin University Choir, Brad Holmes, conductor

8: There Has to Be a Song - SBMP 963 [SA] Andrea Ramsey
Lawrence Children’s Choir, Janeal Krehbiel, conductor

9: Famine Song - SBMP 1007 [SSAA] arr. Matthew Culloton
University of Minnesota Women’s Chorus, Matthew Culloton, conductor

10: Spiritus et cantus - SBMP 999 [TTBB] Ellen Gilson Voth
St. Mary’s International School Varsity Ensemble, Tokyo, Randy Stenson, conductor

11: Agnus Dei - SBMP 1019 [SATB] Mikael Carlsson
Haga Motettkör, Ulrike Heider, conductor

12: Umi Sono Ai - SBMP 974 [TTBB] arr. Rachel Stenson
St. Mary’s International School Varsity Ensemble, Tokyo, Randy Stenson, conductor

13: El Besu - SBMP 1039 [SATB] arr. Vicente Chavarria
University of Miami-Frost Chamber Singers, Richard Skirpan, conductor

14: The Reapers All with Their Sharp Sickles - SBMP 996 [SATB] arr. Seth Houston
USC Thornton Recital Choir, Seth Houston, conductor

15: Hope Is a Thing With Feathers - SBMP 1017 [SATB] Kenney Potter
2010 North Carolina Middle School Honors Chorus, Kenney Potter, conductor

16: Take O Take Those Lips Away - SBMP 1029 [TB] J. Edmund Hughes & Mary Ellen Loose
Highland High School Concert Choir, Rita Scholz, conductor

17: The Boy Who Picked Up His Feet to Fly - SBMP 1022 [TTBB] Joshua Shank
llinois State University Men’s Glee Club, Tim Fredstrom, conductor

18: Proverbs - SBMP 1009 [SA] Tom T. Shelton
Greensboro Youth Chorus, Tom T. Shelton, conductor

19: Somebody’s Knockin’ At Your Door - SBMP 1010 [SATB] arr. Kevin S. Foster
Westlake United Methodist Church Chamber Ensemble, Andy Call, conductor


The Harbor
Brian A. Foy