- Dallas, TX

In 1980, 30 men stood on stage and sang at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Now known as Turtle Creek Chorale (TCC), that group has grown to more than 200 dues-paying members who contribute over 100,000 hours annually to rehearsals, performances, and community outreach services.

TCC has provided musical journeys to audiences in Dallas, TX for over 36 years, and annually offers a dynamic mainstage concert series at the Dallas City Performance Hall in the Arts District.

TCC also features three smaller ensembles — Chamber Chorus, Camerata, and SoundBytes. Each group delivers a unique performance that highlights the members’ wealth of talent.

While primarily a gay men’s chorus, the Turtle Creek Chorale welcomes all men, and those that identify as male, regardless of sexual orientation.

WEBSITE: www.TurtleCreekChorale.com

4 Octavos from the Turtle Creek Chorale Choral Series
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Cradle Hymn Kim André Arnesen TTBB BEST SELLER
Dance for Love Z. Randall Stroope TTBB
What Do the Bells Say? James Deignan TTBB
When Music Sounds Connor J. Koppin TTBB