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Linda Miller Shaw & Dana Thompsen

Linda Miller Shaw (b. 1951) is a composer/arranger currently living in Oklahoma. Linda has taught piano and voice through her own music studio since the age of thirteen. A professional accompanist and vocalist, Linda has performed in seven states, England, Canada and Germany as a soloist and with choral groups. She has written and arranged a number of pieces for adult and children’s choirs, as well as for solo jazz and classical piano.

Dana Thompsen is a talented musician who grew up singing and playing several instruments with her school music program.  She started writing music when she was in elementary school.  This piece, written when she was in 8th grade, was her debut publication.  Dana is now a math teacher living in Oklahoma City, but she still composes music, both choral and instrumental, in her free time.  She attributes her love of music to a wonderful school music program in the small town where she grew up and is a strong supporter of music education in schools.

Linda Miller Shaw & Dana Thompsen
has 1 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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