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 Jean Belmont Ford

Jean Belmont Ford, Kansas City composer, specializes in writing chamber and choral music. She received dual Bachelor's degrees in composition and music education from the University of Redlands in 1961 and her Master's and doctoral work in composition at George Peabody College for Teachers. She has sung professionally in opera and on public television, and has taught composition and voice at the University of Alabama and St. Margaret's Academy in Connecticut. In addition to her many commissions, Jean has received numerous Meet the Composer and NEA subsidized grants, two Barlow International Competition prizes and an annual National Public Radio Lucien Wulsin Award for Best New Music. Jean's music has been internationally performed, recorded and critiqued for many years, and her work is the subject of doctoral dissertations at the University of Colorado, Arizona State University and the University of South Carolina (2007-2009)

Jean Belmont Ford has 1 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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Thanksgiver: A Child's Rhyme -NEW SATB SBMP 1736 Audio Audio Video

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Tu Voz
by Shawn
L. Kirchner