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 Sean Barnette

Sean Barnette (b. 2003) is a Florida-based composer and arranger, and is currently in his undergraduate studies at the Florida State University College of Music, where he is majoring in Choral Music Education. Sean is an emerging talent, and his compositions are influenced by his love for contemporary musical genres, like rock and musical theatre, combined with his choral experiences to create an invigorating and fresh musical experience for a new generation. Sean is also the founder of the Harmonies for Health project, a series of charity concerts to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. Inspired by his own battle with cancer, Sean believes in the transformative nature of music, and hopes to inspire audiences through his compositions, as well as entertain and spread the joy of singing. 

Sean Barnette has 1 titles published with Santa Barbara.
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Tu Voz
by Shawn
L. Kirchner