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CoverThe Music of My Soul [level: Medium]
Alejandro Consolacion II: Bio and other works
voicing: SATB | catalog number: SBMP 1502 | price: $2.15
accompaniment: piano

The lyrics laud the value of music, and the beautiful melody provides aural proof of this value. An elegant accompaniment makes this piece extra special.

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Come with me and hold my hand.
Let us share this moment.
Listen to this song that says it all.
, Words of love from deep our hearts, .
from within our souls,.
that over flows spreading forth..
Let me sing this song.
that I hope lives on and on,.
Touching our hearts.
Touching our souls,.
Giving us strength,.
Giving us our hope.
Let me sing to you, .
the music of my soul..
Feel the joy, feel the love,.
Music brings into our lives,.
Binding us together,.
Making us one,.
Music unites us all,.
Making friends of foes, .
lifting up each other.
And I sing to you,.
and I share with you,.
for all of you,.
the music of my soul.

by Jean Arevalo

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