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CoverBright Morning Stars [level: Medium]
arr. Shawn L. Kirchner: Bio and other works
voicing: SATB, bar. solo | catalog number: SBMP 594 | duration: 5:00 | price: $2.50
accompaniment: piano
available for: SATB, SSAA, TTBB

A great folk melody is given royal treatment here. The artful arrangement, with a great piano accompaniment, maintains the folk flavor of the song while adding drama and musical interest

performance by: The Bonita High School Chamber Singers, Todd Helm, conductor [© all rights reserved]

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Bright morning stars are rising,
Bright morning stars are rising,
Bright morning stars are rising;
Day’s a-breaking in my soul.
Oh, where are our dear fathers?
Day’s a-breaking in my soul.
They are down in the valley praying;
Day’s a-breaking in my soul.
Oh where are our dear mothers?
Day’s a-breaking in my soul.
They have gone to heaven shouting;
Day’s a-breaking in my soul.
Oh where are our dear children?
Day’s a-breaking in my soul.
They’re upon the earth a-dancing;
Day’s a-breaking in my soul.
Bright morning stars are rising,
Bright morning stars are rising,
Bright morning stars are rising;
Day’s a-breaking in my soul.

Appalachian folk melody

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Bright Morning Stars choral track bundle contains a part dominant track for each voice part, a balanced voices track, and an accompaniment track if the work is not a cappella (the accompaniment is also included with the part dominant and balanced voices track). Get more information and listen to samples HERE. Please note that the choral score is not included in the bundle and needs to be ordered separately.

Price: $49.99
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Lawrence University Viking Chorale - Stephen M. Sieck, conductor

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"I sang this song with our "Turkey Choir" a couple of years ago. This is an AMAZING song. One of the most powerful musical experiences I have ever had. At "They have gone to heaven shouting" it literally takes my breath away. Wonderful and profound! My life is better for having performed this music. I can't recommend it highly enough!!!"
review by: Russell, Rexburg , ID - Thanksgiving Turkey Choir

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2020 | Southeastern Connecticut regional PD Day - March 12
2020 | GA All State Sight Reading Chorus-Athens, GA - January 25
2019 | ACDA of MN Summer Dialogue 2019 - August 6-9
2019 | SC MEA Professional Development Conference
2018 | CT ACDA Reading Session 8/5/18
2018 | MMEA reading session 10/19/18
2018 | Southern Invitational Choral Conference 9/24-25/2018
2017 | California ACDA Summer Conference at ECCO - July 23-26
2017 | Missouri MEA Reading Session - 10/20
2017 | Iowa ACDA Summer Conference
2017 | FMEA Convention - January 11-14
2016 | LACDA - November 3-5, 2016
2016 | LA ACDA Reading Session - November 3-5
2016 | New York State Summer Music Conference August 14-16
2016 | University of Michigan Summer Symposium June 20-24
2015 | NJEA Convention Choral Reading Session November 6, 2015
2015 | ACDA of Minnesota Summer Conference - Moorhead, MN
2014 | WI. ACDA Reading Session June 18
2013 | Oregon ACDA Reading Session August 13-16
2013 | South Carolina All-State Chorus
2013 | NJ ACDA Summer July 23-24
2013 | CSU Choral Workshop July 9-12

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